Let us introduce you to Alexandra. Our Instagram Ambassador.

Our Super Social ambassador who took over our Instagram account for a whole week and posted some truly great photos which were liked by hundreds every time. You can have a look at those photos further down in this blogpost.

We thought that it would be even greater if both we and you get to know Alexandra better. So we asked her if she can dedicate some of her time to answer our questions.

She politely replied:

.. of course I will answer the questions ..


What is your name?

Alexandra von Gutthenbach-Lindau

How long have you been living in Oslo?

I arrived in Oslo in the end of 2013, so I’ve been living here for more than two years now.

Why Oslo?

I came to Oslo the first time in summer 2013 and I immediately fell in love with the city and the Norwegians. The following months I spent nearly every weekend in Oslo.

In 2014 I founded my own company  Insidenorway Tourist-Service.

I published a travelguide about Oslo on a budget, where I tell how to survive in the city with 250kr per day, including sightseeing, public transport and food. At the moment I’m preparing a travel guide series about all the other provinces of Norway.

Oslo is the perfect city to get inspired for my projects, because it is full of energy.

Has it been easy to make new friends?

It has definitely been easy to make new friends, because of my job I’m communicating daily with people. I’m love to get in contact with other people.

What do you do for living?

I’m working as Tour guide, photographer and writer and traveling around in Norway. When I’m at home in Oslo I’m always searching for special places to visit in my beloved city.

Which places do you absolutely love in Oslo and why?

My favorite place in Oslo is Akerselva. It is really romantic there in all seasons. I like to walk along Akerselva on Sunday mornings, taking some photos with my camera, watching parents playing with their kids and feeding ducks.

I really love Aker Brygge, where I’m living and it’s a wonderful to watch the sunset there. In the summer I love visiting Huk beach, enjoying the cool summer wind and the Oslofjord.

I prefer meeting with friends at Jensen’s Bøfhus or Paradis Gelateria. I’m addicted to their fantastic ice cream and the macarons, especially when sitting on the bench at the harbor, looking towards the Akershus fortress. Sometimes I even share my ice cream with the seagulls.


What is difficult with living in Oslo?

In the beginning I had to get used to Norwegian business life, because it is completely different to the German, where I come from. But it did not take a long time to feel comfortable with this point.

Now everything is fine and I enjoy everyday I spend in Oslo. Because of my job I’m traveling most of the time, so coming back to Oslo is now for me time to relax and to get new energy.


Anything else you would like to add?

Now you know where I am and what I do and I´m really looking forward to get new contacts and meet new people.


You can connect with Alexandra through her profile here on Super Social.


Those are the amazing photos Alexandra shared with our awesome followers on Instagram






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