Let us introduce you to Gry. Our Instagram Ambassador.

Gry Berg-Enger

Gry Berg-Enger

Gry, our Instagram ambassador took over our Instagram account for a whole week and posted some pretty amazing photos from Oslo. Those photos has been liked and shared hunders of times and you can also enjoy if you visit our account: Instagram account.

Beside posting awesome photos and writing short stories about the places she captured with her phone we wanted to introduce her to all of you dear community members.


So we interviewed her.

What is your name?


How long have you been living in Oslo?

This is my third and longest period in Oslo. I have lived here since 1997. Before that, I lived here from 1985 to 1988, and again in 1993. Inbetween, I have lived in Paris, Rome, Florence, Nice, Cairo and Dubai.

Why Oslo?

On all three occations that I moved here, it has been because of the job opportunities at the time.

Is it easy to make new friends here?

Well, Norwegians are generally known to be quite reserved, but in my experience after living in several cities around the world, it is not much more difficult here than elsewhere. Anywhere you go, it is easier to get to know people in small villages or in the countryside than in the larger cities.

What do you do for living?

I work in th front office at a law firm.

Which places do you absolutely love in Oslo and why?

I absolutely love Oslo Opera House. The architecture, the panoramic view from the roof top and the fact that it is situated near the sea. I love Tjuvholmen Sjøbad where you have the best view of the winter sunsets andd where it is always lovely to just sit and enoy the seview. I love the view from Akershus Festning where you have a perfect view of Oslo’s seaside. I love to stroll the quiet streets of Frogner just for the athmosphere and the many nice 19th century recidenses and private villas. Rodeløkka is a charming area, like a small village in the city center with its many well conserved 19th century wooden houses.

What is difficult with living in Oslo?

Everyday life wherever you live is just what you make of it. Oslo is neither more difficult or easier than other places I have lived.


Thank you for taking the time to answer Gry.


Those are the photos that Gry shared with our awesome followers on Instagram




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