what empotion is Oslo

What emotion is Oslo?

Exactly two years ago I participated at the Opening Symposium of Oslo Innovation Week together with good friends from Oslo’s Statup Scene. Things have changed since then and actually moved forward. More and more enthusiastic and young entrepreneurs has taken the decision to start for them selves and execute on their product ideas. Some are doing good, some great and others are failing. Failing is part of the success too! But the big news is that the Norwegian government is fully supporting this shift. At least they try..

As I was checking my Facebooks events in the past I stumbled upon this photo that I posted on Super Socials wall on Facebook. I was so fascinated by Pekka Timonen‘s inspiring speech on how city’s have a story to share with the world! Pekka Timonen was back then working as the Cultural Director of Helsinki since 2005 and managed the “World Design Capital Helsinki 2012

Heres also a tweet from that day by @hildecs which @OsloIW retweeted!


The purpose of his speech was of course to inspire the audience but also Oslo’s local government to create a meaningful story that expresses Oslo solely and truly. A story which will express feelings and emotion. A story that will spread across the world.
Brilliantly that day he asked: Paris is love. What emotion is Oslo? So what emotion come first in your mind when you think of Oslo? What story would you share with friends abroad about Oslo? How would you describe the city?


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